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Please join us! Sunday, October 2nd, at 2:00PM for a talk by Janet Horton: “The Birth of a New Idea.”

(Due to a scheduling conflict, we have canceled the talk on October 1st by Kristy L. Christian, “Love, the Biblical basis for healing.”)
Janet Horton’s talk is an inspirational talk on the birth of new ideas and progress as we think of it in Christian Science. She’ll share her military experience to show examples of overcoming hate and of God’s presence and governing power in the face of both overt and covert resistance to progress. And she will link the true progress as progress in thought that is both individual and collective, proving that it is all progress toward I Cor. 13:12 “To know as also I am known.”

Janet Y. Horton Chaplain, (Colonel) Retired

As a U. S. Army chaplain from 1976-2004, Janet was the first woman assigned as a Division or Corps Chaplain and the first woman promoted to Colonel in the Army Chaplain Corps. She was at the Pentagon during the 9-11 attack, and subsequently advised the Dept. of Defense and other Inter-Agencies on Muslim issues and the Terrorist mindset. Currently, Janet serves as the Christian Science Endorser and Trainer for The Mother Church for all military chaplains and trainees at Boston University School of Theology.

RSVP for the lunch and event by either calling (415) 379-2104 or emailing . This event will also be live-streamed. click here.